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A unique combination of sophisticated informality with traditional elegance – just like you!

Each strikingly original necklace or bracelet resonates with irrepressible vitality. Call it BOHO or SOHO, wonderfully inviting or flirtatious, subtly sexy or wild, call it whatever you like – the effect is always extraordinary!  The beauty of natural pearls, untamed and irregularly shaped by different weather and water conditions, is an expression of our natural beauty, shaped by life itself. We strive to create a way of wearing pearl necklaces that would be stylish and sensual – not, as they’re usually designed to be, overly formal.  Each creation emphasizes the beauty of women, who are the most beautiful of all creations.

Leather Lucy®

Boho Jewelry

The boho look draws on various bohemian and hippie influences, with roots going as far back as French counterculture at the end of the revolution in 1799, when many artists fell into poverty and were forced to adopt a nomadic lifetyle. Borrowing from different ethnic cultures, boho-chic has endured in popularity over the decades because the style is easy to wear and looks great: unconventional, daring and elegant, superlative in its understated glamour – truly the brand of a free spirit.

Favored for its effortless and bohemian style, boho jewelry allows the sophisticated woman to be true to her creative, romantic self. This jewelry reflects a free-spirited lifestyle and gives expression to individualism, with a nod to both glam and playfulness: large pearls, gold beads and multi-stranded leather.

If you are untamed and wild at heart, this collection of boho jewelry is for you!

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